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Hey guys I hope your Memorial Day Weekend was just as awesome as mine was. I got to damn drunk I was hung over for much of the weekend – but it doesn’t matter I was able to meet several sweet hearts and get their numbers.

Anyway there is something I want to talk to you about and that is transforming your weak game into a whole new field that reverberates strength. At the same time strengthening your personality or making it come out in a positive way.
Matchbook Method

Most of what I will talk about will come from the deep inner parts of your mind.

The very first thing you need to start doing is believing your are cool. Yes I mean you need to stop shitting on yourself and stop saying you are a loser. You are only a loser when you say it. You must believe you are cool and that women want to be with a guy just like you.

Trust me when I say that you are not being arrogant when you think you are cool – I prefer the term self empowerment. However at the same time if you dress up like Luke Skywalker and play video games all day you have some work to do.

It’s not enough to believe you are cool but your internal also needs to come out externally as well. Go out and let go of all the crutches you held on for so long.

My second tip is never ever let rejection crush you. Look you are inside a bar, club, outdoor fair whatever – 50% of the people there are women! If one chick shoots you down turn to the next one.

I had a buddy that was in a bar and the girl he tried to open flat out rejected him.

What does he do?

He turned to the girl right next to the one that rejected him and opened her. Ballsy? Yes! Did that method work? Absolutely.

Now here is the last sticking point for guys when transforming themselves into the men they want to be. Truthfully speaking this should be applied to every aspect of your life. Never care what other people think of you. Leaders have this quality when they make decisions and so do alpha males.

Why should you care what other people think of you? If you like house music over rock don’t let your friends clown you for your tastes. What I’m trying to get is BE YOUR OWN MAN! Don’t play follow the leader, do what you like

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