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Okay guys word of warning here about using templates when emailing women on any dating site – don’t do it.

I seriously screwed up this week while checking out some Match profiles and decided to email some cute women I found. I decided to write a quick email to the lucky ten I found. Seems pretty easy right?

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I read one of the profiles and this girl mentioned she was from NYC. Well I am also from the Big Apple and naturally I commented on that and included a short blurb in the template. Mistake #1

Off the email goes and now I move on to the second profile and include a P.S. about her love of art. Seems like I’m reading about her and being sincere right?


I forgot to remove the NYC blurb from the first profile I read and now she is going to be confused reading my email. Now I look like a complete douchebag, will these women respond to my emails? Probably not.

What makes this so bad is that I did this to three of the ten profiles I checked out. What a disaster!!

Learn from my mistake don’t do this!!!!! Take the time to read the profile and use something they mentioned from their profile to include in the subject and especially the body of your email. Put a twist on it to make it flirty and fun.

I went against this golden rule just because I was in a hurry. I just shook my head in disbelief when I realized my error.

Rules for emailing women you find on dating sites:

Don’t use a template
Read the profile
Comment on their profile in your email
Make it flirty and fun
The subject line must stand out – (refer to rule 3 or 4)
Rinse and repeat with next profile
Side Bar: Never ever write “Hiya Sexy”, “You look hot”, “Wanna get freaky” or “Hey Babe” in your subject line. You will only look stupid.

Final Thought: Am I saying that you should never ever use templates – No. However use with caution and whatever you do read the damn profile. Use her profile to flirt with her and make it fun when you email her.

A template is good for ideas but when it comes right down to it, tailor it to each profile individually. login
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