We hear so much talk about “being yourself” around women and never act fake. I agree you should never put up a charade but I DISAGREE with the whole “just be yourself” statement.

Talk to any woman and they will all tell a guy just be yourself but they are lying. Truth is that for many of us guys following that approach could be disaster. Many of you may not have much experience with women. Do you think a woman will want to be with a total socially inept nerd that loves playing video games on Friday nights?

Of course not! Women want a man that can light that fire and you need to have certain skills that can do just that. Being yourself is not enough in the dating world.

I’m not talking about acting like some Casanova to get the ladies and lying to women – that’s lame and it will come back to you. Ever heard of karma?

All I am saying is to improve your social / communication skills and develop your personality. There is noting more liberating than becoming a new person and improving your life.

Being yourself is only good advice when you have transformed your personality into one that women will be attracted to. I used to laugh when in high school and college I hear women say – I love guys that are themselves. What made it even more funny – is that I fell for it hook line and sinker.

Lets face the facts romance is a female’s fantasy world where they want to be swept off their feet. You have to be able to do just that. If not you will be nothing more than a “friend” and you will be locked away in that category. I should know – I for a long time was that fool who followed that lame advice.

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